Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dicison to be made

Went to the doctor's yesterday and got some information that we have to make decisions on those are weather I continue on my chemo treatment take a break from the treatment, have surgery.  We have made the decision to stop one of the chemo drugs since I have been doing so well.  But the decision to be made is to keep the one drug, if I choice to stop the chemo drug then I will be off of the research progarm that I am on, which by the way I have been doing really well with really no side effects.  The Cat scan has come back still no spots on the lungs and the turmor in the breast in still not showing up on the mamogram so know we have some decisions to be made to stay on the on chemo drup and the research program or to  have surgery.  The good thing with droping one of the chemo drug is that instead of every Tues having treatment I know only go everyother week for treatment and am there only an hour at a time  Have to have a decision by the end of the month when we meet with the doctor again

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  1. Will be praying for you and your family. Have a good night. Rebekah