Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dicison to be made

Went to the doctor's yesterday and got some information that we have to make decisions on those are weather I continue on my chemo treatment take a break from the treatment, have surgery.  We have made the decision to stop one of the chemo drugs since I have been doing so well.  But the decision to be made is to keep the one drug, if I choice to stop the chemo drug then I will be off of the research progarm that I am on, which by the way I have been doing really well with really no side effects.  The Cat scan has come back still no spots on the lungs and the turmor in the breast in still not showing up on the mamogram so know we have some decisions to be made to stay on the on chemo drup and the research program or to  have surgery.  The good thing with droping one of the chemo drug is that instead of every Tues having treatment I know only go everyother week for treatment and am there only an hour at a time  Have to have a decision by the end of the month when we meet with the doctor again

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kelly's Journey

Where Michael's journey ends mine begains. We thought we had overcome the obstacle that was in our lifes then in Feb of 2010 I was diagnosisedInvasive Ductal Carcinoma which is a medical term for Breast Cancer in Stage III. So this is where my journey begains. As a mother of three children and just getting Michael though his orderal the thoughts ran through my head my me and my family, but then I rembered that that Lord dose not give us anymore than we can handle and he must be thinking that we can handle alot.
We meet with the surgery, who then had us meet with the onclogist doctor, that is where all the testing begain and still continues to this day. Then then phone ran after getting the result of a chest xray and cat scan the cancer had sprend to the lungs with two 2 cent. spots on the lungs, at this time surgery was not a option because of the sprending of the cancer. Then the meeting with the nurse about chemo, I can not say that I count myself lucky but I belevie it was by the intervention of the Lord that it worked out the way that it did.
The day that the bone scan was done we sat waiting at the Cancer Center to see the course of meds that I was going to be on that was the longest day and it seemed that nothing was going right for the research nurse who was in Grand Rapids trying to get me into the computer to see what control group and meds that I woule be one need less to say we left that day without knowing.
March 2010 was the start of the chemo with two chemo drugs the program that I am one was no means by luck again I turn it all back to the Lord who made sure which one and what drugs I was to be one. My treatment consist of two different chemo drugs, which by the way I am doing well on and the doctors and the research nurse can not beleive that I am doing so well on agian I turn that over to the Lord.
I have been on chemo since March, have had catscans memow scans has my husband call them, the first one after have chemo for about two months came back with the sport on the lungs not showing up again the Lord working here, and all the scans that have come back since have been the same way praiseing the Lord for his work here too.
Don't get me wrong the thoughts have run through my head who will help finish raising the children I wanted to see them all graduate from high school, get married and see my grandchildren grow up , and I am know going to be able to do this because of the Lord.
I do know that the prayers that have been lifted up, my positive out look on life and my postive attitude also play a part in this but the person who plays the bigger part is the Lord because he has brought me through and continues to bring me thorugh all of this.
One the lighter side I am thankfull with winter approach tha I do not have to shave the legs the hair loss is there but I have learned the wear hats and scarves, and those are the first isles that I hit to see if these items are on sale so I can add more to my collection and be stylish for the seasons.
My family and I are thankfull for what the Lord has done and is continuing to doing in our lives as well as the prayers from family and friends and the support that we have gotten from them as well. I know the Lord has something planed for both Michael and I and that he will reveal it in his time, and I look forward to what that is.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Michaels Journey

Our jouney begain over a year ago this month, when Michael was put into the hospital we all rembmer the day like it was yesterday and it is a memory that is forever engraved in our memories.  It is hard to beleive that is was over a year ago this month that the Lord impressed up Michael that he needed to go into the hospital.  The road was long and hard but we got through the months of Ocotober and Novemeber with the help for family and friends are we are forever greatful for all the help, support and prayers that were offered up for him.  The hardest thing for me was and as I sit here and write this the tears start coming back rembering the hardest decision I will have ever had to make as a wife and a mother.  That decision was to put Michael and a machine to help him breath and then seeing him after that decision was made, but I now know that that was the right decision, and the one that was to be made.
It was a long week and two days just sitting there watching the machine breath for him and wondering if this is even going to work, and will I have to finish raising three children by myself and how the children will make it with out their father in their lives. But there was a devine power that was working the whole time that he was on the machine, and all the times that the dotors and nurses giving him the medicines and checking on him daily, that devine power was God.
They kept telling us how lucy and what a miracle it was that he survied, it was I beleive the power of the Lord and the prayers that wer lifted up for him and our family.  Last year we truely had a Thanksgiving with giviging to the Lord.  We now know that I was the Lord working through all of the medicines, doctors and nurses that he is here today with us and will continue to be with us.  We were told that he woudl never work again which by the way he is doing, that we would be on disability for the rest of his life and have major health issures and well.  By the way the only health issue that he has from all of this is the diabetes praise the Lord.